When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
— Rumi

Retreat - Pause - Reboot - Revitalise - Reconnect

Sunday 24 March 2019 10am - 4pm

Day Immersion Retreat

Join me in the serene Kalorama National Park for a day immersion designed for you.

Switch off to reboot
Rest to restore and revitalise
Tune in and reconnect

Take some time out for stillness and reflection in the magnificent Dandenong Ranges to retreat from the daily hustle & bustle of everyday life and return to nature, feed your soul and connect with yourself & inner peace.


10am Arrive and meet at Kumbada Studio, stretch, take in the magnificent views and orientation. 10.30am Yoga Practice at Kumbada Studio - all levels 11.30am Tea 12pm - 1.30pm Guided walking meditation                       
1.30pm - 2.30pm Yin Yoga at Kumbada Studio 2.30pm Vegetarian Lunch at Destiny Point Café 4pm Home

Saturday 3 march 2019 3-5pm Investment $45 (early bird $40)

CHAKRA Dhyana Meditation

Saturday 30 March 2019 3pm - 5pm

with Julien

Hari Om beautiful souls - Meditation with many new singing bowls.

Step into another dimensions; candles, incense, tibetan bowls, mantras. I will be guiding live in the most traditional way for a profound experience. This meditation technique has been known by the Indian Seers for over 5000 years and this is a powerful kundalini awakening meditation, something you may have never experienced before.

Lecture on the chakras and energetical bodies
30 minutes guided chakra meditation with tibetan bowls and mantras
Personal Meditation time to experience the bliss of kundalini flowing throughout the body
Discussion and experience sharing.

Powerful technique to awaken the kundalini – the life force within you
Learn about your pranic Body – the chakra,the nadis, your kundalini aka spiritual energy
Cleanse and balance your chakras for a healthy body & mind and experience bliss and peace.


Soundshower with Avishai Barnatan

Thursday 28 February/Sunday 3 March 2019 - 7pm-8.30pm

Come bathe in pure sounds that will take you on a deeply transformational journey.

This is is a wonderful and unique musical experience!

The Soundshower combines Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Flutes and Overtone Singing. During the Soundshower you will be invited to lie down and immerse in the soothing tones. These tones reduce the brain activity and slow the heart beat, allowing a deep expanded state where healing can occur.The healing frequencies enhance a physical , mental and emotional calibration to the human body and energy field.

The Soundshower helps shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body, and is a very relaxing, rejuvenating and energising experience. It also assists with pain relief and many stress related conditions.

give yourself a chance to recharge, gain focus and clarity and deepen your sense of wellbeing.

*Please come 15 min. before the starting time and bring a matt to lie on and a light blanket and cushions to make sure you are comfortable!


Avishai Barnatan

Multi instrumentalist producer and Sound therapist Avishai plays a variety of exotic Middle Eastern wind instruments. He was initially inspired to play music during his extensive travels where he experienced the power of music as a universal language and the immediate way it created unity and opened hearts everywhere he went. Following this realisation, Avishai became a self-taught musician involved in many music/performance/theatre/healing projects since the early 1990’s.  

Avishai has been exploring the nature of sound and its therapeutic qualities as a tool for physical & emotional transformation and healing. He draws from modern scientific research of as well as ancient esoteric and mystic knowledge. Working 'hands on' for almost 20 years, he has developed his own style of work within this modality and facilitates workshops and private healing sessions with people of diverse backgrounds and conditions such as various addictions, anxiety and stress-related symptoms,applying different techniques vibrational therapy.


Unfurl Mama with Regan Figg


SATURDAY 27 October 2018 2-4PM INVESTMENT:$45 (EARLY BIRD $40)

Upside-down Yoga

with Alessia

Tap into your inner child, and let go of all your fears. Enjoy a fun, invigorating workshop in a safe and playful environment that will build your foundation for handstands. This workshop includes:

- A fun flow that will get you used to be upside down and will warm up your body
- Lead up drills to help you understand the mechanics of hanstand
- Handstand practice (using wall and partnering up)

This workshop is suitable for beginners. It is based on learning handstand fundamentals.