SATURDAY 27 October 2018 2-4PM INVESTMENT:$45 (EARLY BIRD $40)


sunday 28 October 2018 3-5pm Investment $45 (early bird $40)

Upside-down Yoga

with Alessia

Tap into your inner child, and let go of all your fears. Enjoy a fun, invigorating workshop in a safe and playful environment that will build your foundation for handstands. This workshop includes:

- A fun flow that will get you used to be upside down and will warm up your body
- Lead up drills to help you understand the mechanics of hanstand
- Handstand practice (using wall and partnering up)

This workshop is suitable for beginners. It is based on learning handstand fundamentals.


Chakra Meditation

with Julien

Hari Om beautiful souls - Meditation with many new singing bowls.

Step into another dimensions; candles, incense, tibetan bowls, mantras. I will be guiding live in the most traditional way for a profound experience. This meditation technique has been known by the Indian Seers for over 5000 years and this is a powerful kundalini awakening meditation, something you may have never experienced before.

Lecture on the chakras and energetical bodies
30 minutes guided chakra meditation with tibetan bowls and mantras
Personal Meditation time to experience the bliss of kundalini flowing throughout the body
Discussion and experience sharing.

Powerful technique to awaken the kundalini – the life force within you
Learn about your pranic Body – the chakra,the nadis, your kundalini aka spiritual energy
Cleanse and balance your chakras for a healthy body & mind and experience bliss and peace.