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I have been teaching yoga for over a decade and in my opinion, first-time students are not only the most fun to teach, but they provide the best opportunity for me to improve my teaching skills.

New students will rely on you…a lot. They are often the most focused of students and will listen to your every instruction. It is extremely gratifying when I witness a new student make the deep connection with their yoga practice and I am eternally grateful for the small part I am able to contribute towards this life changing experience.

My teaching dharma is to inspire students, to transmit yoga as fully and clearly as possible.

Yoga Beginners 101

Next course starts: Tuesday 15 October 2019 lnvestment: $180.00

New to Yoga?
Wish to deepen your understanding of Yoga?
Then this course is for you!  
This 6 weeks course designed and facilitated by GINA FUNKE, is for anyone new to yoga or for anyone wishing to refine their knowledge of the basic yoga practice.

Through the 6 weeks we will explore

  • the importance of our breath & how to utilise it

  • Surya Namaskara - the fundamentals of this energising sun salutation sequence.

  • Warrior series of standing postures

  • Spinal mobility. Extension, flexion, side-bending and twisting.

  • Finding Balance in standing postures

  • The Art of Savasana - deep rest.

Thank you for the wonderful Beginners course. Although I have participated in yoga (on and off) for many years, I was at the stage where I had lost my confidence and was out of the routine practice of yoga.
Your course enabled me to renew my confidence, and allow me to (properly) learn poses that I thought I knew, and also enjoy the challenge of new poses. The course was insightful and undertaken in a relaxed atmosphere, which allowed me to focus when required but also share a laugh with my class mates. The return to regular practice has helped me manage recurrent headaches and become a more grounded and calm person.
— Sally - Yoga student