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Gina Funke



"I am humbled & honoured to own the gift of teaching.
Having personally experienced the transforming power of Yoga, I hold complete trust in it's healing and renewing potential. I will endeavour to lead & guide you through a practice that will connect you to your higher self and restore your natural state of balance, peace & calm.
Physically you will become more comfortable and stronger in your own body, with less pain, increased flexibility and enhanced energy."

A class with Gina will take you through a seamless practice, the perfect workout for your body, mind & soul.

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Kanako Chapman 





I started practising Yoga in 2010 as I was in search of an exercise as an alternative to the martial art I had previously practised.
As the days passed, I started to notice unexpected changes in my mental health. I felt calmness, stillness of the mind, the feeling of the breath and body in sync and a sense of being present that I had never previously felt. I craved to learn more and more about this ancient art. In 2017, I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and now I am continuing my learning under the guidance of Gina Funke.

I strive to plan and deliver intelligent sequences, depending on the anatomical focus of each class. I believe this helps students discover strength and space that they did not know they had.
I hold a black belt in the Japanese martial art, Aikido, and previously taught this art.  I continue to work full-time in the corporate world, but always make time for my yoga practice.

I hope every student in my classes walks away feeling calm with a sense of personal achievement and of inclusion.

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Elise Jacques 




Elise started ballet at the age of 3 and by 13 was dancing full time with The Australian Ballet School. By the age of 18 she had toured throughout Australia and performed in Europe.  Upon returning from overseas Elise continued her studies in dance and fitness.
She studied Pilates through her ballet training and now holds a Bachelor in Dance along with a Certificate III in Fitness. With strong backgrounds in Ballet and Fitness, Elise has used these to become a Pilates and Pilates Barre Instructor in Melbourne.

Incorporating the strength of Pilates and the beauty of ballet, Elise has her own defined style that works on elongation of the body and improving posture. She looks forward to using her knowledge and skill to help clients achieve their personal goals. 

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Julie Beaumont 





'Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.' - B.K.S. Iyengar

Practising yoga has taught me to listen to my body, be mindful of my thoughts and to be kind to myself. I came to yoga, like many people, to help with stress and anxiety - and I got so much more than I bargained for. It is a journey of self discovery, and I am forever learning.

My classes provide a welcoming and supportive space for all levels, including beginners. Yoga is for everybody - and every body - you don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga! With a focus on alignment and linking breath with movement, my classes encourage students to always be connected to their bodies - a reminder that this is your practice and I am only guiding you through. 

My aim is for people to come away from my classes feeling centred and present. I hope to inspire people to be more mindful both on and off the mat. Come to yoga with an open mind and you will discover more than just a physical practice.

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Katherine Mews 





As a naturally energetic person, Katherine enjoys both the strength and fluidity of vinyasa (Yang) style as well as the complementing grounding and expansive nature of Yin practices. Studying in both India and Australia, Katherine is curious about the benefits of yoga teachings and mindfulness in the modern world. She is an admirer of simplicity and is passionate about cultivating positive change from within to share with all beings everywhere. Katherine aspires to allow each student the space to find their own sense of ease, awareness and balance, within the body and mind. 

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Jenny O'Connor 




On and off the mat I like to have a laugh, smile, fall out of a pose and jump back up again. To me yoga is a playground to find my inner playfulness. Teaching yoga allows me to help others find their inner calm with a smile.

Yoga has greatly influenced my life both on and off the mat; it has given me great joy and motivates me to improve myself inside and out. I've met some really beautiful, inspiring people along the way and I hope one day I will inspire others on their own yoga journey. It is a great passion of mine. What you love you naturally want to share.

After a couple of years of practice I knew I wanted to become a Yoga teacher to give something back.  In 2013 the timing fell into place and I completed Diploma of Yoga Teaching at VIYETT.  From there I went on to complete Level 1 & 2 YIN teacher training.

 My teachings have guided me to discover more and more about the practice of yin. There is always more to discover and weave into my teachings.

Confidence, clarity and compassion are essential qualities of a teacher.
— BKS Iyengar