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Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Whether you are a new teacher embarking on your teaching journey, or whether you have been teaching for a while and need some inspiration, this one on one mentoring program will re ignite your passion for yoga, breathe new life into your daily sadhana and guide you to find your personal dharma and sankalpa, taking your teaching to the next level.

This is an age old yogic tradition to seek the guidance of a Senior teacher. A mentoring with Gina Funke is an intensive and transforming experience. The program is designed to assist you in extending your skills and abilities as a teacher. Attention is given to developing and enhancing a strong self practice which is the cornerstone of teaching. Through guidance, self study and practice you will deepen your personal yogic lifestyle and discover your teaching dharma. You will evolve from this program with a practical teaching style that is unique and true.

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