Have you heard that practicing yoga & mindfulness can be a game changer?

Have you heard that practicing yoga & mindfulness can be a game changer?

Yoga is an ancient practice with roots stretching back thousands of years. It is designed to help you achieve a more positive, stable and peaceful outlook on life. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can do yoga, and adapt it to suit their individual tastes and needs.

If you think yoga might not be for you I urge you to reconsider. Here are some of my top reasons to practice yoga:

IT'S A GREAT WORKOUT - and you can make it fit your energy levels, your mood and your kinda day! Need to sweat? Need to relax? Want to build flexibility? Want to build strength? Yoga can do it all for you.

YOGA GETS YOU IN TOUCH WITH YOUR BODY - In yoga we are taught to focus internally and listen to our bodies. When we are in touch with our bodies we know when somethings not working and we can make the necessary changes.

IN YOGA WE LEARN TO BREATHE - When we learn to breathe correctly we begin to do this consciously throughout the day and this habit can be an effective stress management technique.

GET BETTER SLEEP - About 6% of the population suffers insomnia, but so many more of us suffer from restless or poor sleep. Yoga can change that! Apart from improving our circulation and stretching out our tense muscle, yoga can also calm our minds and reduce stress, a fundamental for a good nights rest.

BETTER POSTURE - Good posture will definitly develope from a regular yoga practice, and better posture, apart from just looking good and healthy, feels great. Less slouching equals less headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain!

NOT JUST PHYSICAL STRENGTH BUT MENTAL STRENGTH TOO - As we practice yoga we begin to build real body strength, not superficial surface muscles but deep internal body strength. At the same time we are building mental focus and strength, improving our mental health.

MINDFULNESS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE - As we deepen our practice of yoga so we learn to be more mindful. And not just when we are on our mats! We become more mindful in our daily lives. We become more aware of what we eat & drink, the way we manage our relationships with others and with ourselves, how we spend our time... and the list goes on and on.

So give it a try!

Yoga and the benefits of yoga are for EVERYBODY!

Gina Funke