Want to try yoga, but don't know where to start?

Starting something new like yoga can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Every time I am asked about how to start yoga I offer the same advice: "Find a good beginners class or course, go back at least 5 times, and keep an open mind."

"The expert at anything was once a beginner" ~ Helen Hayes

The very best way to start a yoga practice is at the very beginning!

  1. LEARN THE YOGA SKILLS - If you decided to play netball or football for the first time ever, no matter how good your shape or fitness level you wouldn't just throw yourself into a game. You would first need to learn the rules, the moves, in fact the whole game! Yoga is no different. Join a beginners class and learn the fundamentals, the basics.
  2. YOGA IS DIFFERENT TO EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE TRIED - Be open, unlike other fitness activities you may have tried, yoga is different. Yoga is not about competition, flexibility or fitness. Yoga is so much more.
  3. INJURIES SUCK - Ask anyone! If you rush, overexert, force or ignore your pain or compete with other yogis you will almost certainly get hurt, and then you will blame yoga and probably never return, and that will be a real shame!
  4. LEARNING TO BREATHE - The breath is the core of our yoga practice, and learning to breathe takes time. When you discover the difference you will be grateful for the outcome... exhale...peace!
  5. DON'T MISS THE POINT - If you head into a class that leaves you desperately trying to keep up, you may just miss the point of yoga. The point of yoga is to find focus and the purpose of finding focus is to find peace. This doesn't mean you won't gain all the other benefits of yoga along the way.

Because of yoga I am stronger now than I have ever been; I am more flexible, I never get injured anymore, I rarely over eat, I am happy and calm, I rarely loose my temper or get angry, and I can actually meditate now. I feel amazing and content in my body and I am grateful for all that I am.

Take my advice, start from the beginning and allow yoga to become the wonderful, nurturing practice that you can do purely for yourself.


Gina Funke