Did you know that you can strengthen your bones with yoga?

As we age, we lose bone density and this can result in conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia. Therefore, it is beneficial that we take care of our bones through daily exercise and a healthy diet, including plenty of calcium and vitamin D.


A bone density condition that occurs when bones become weak, brittle and porous.


A bone density condition that occurs when the body doesn’t make new bone as quickly as it absorbs old bone. Bone density is lower than normal peak density but not low enough to be considered Osteoporosis.

Have you heard about bone growth, modelling and remodeling?

Our bone growth occurs during childhood and adolescence. Modelling begins to occur, mostly in adolescence, as the bones change shape due to mechanical stresses placed upon them. Remodelling is the process of bone breakdown, reabsorption, and renewal. Watch this fascinating video to learn more:

How does yoga help?

Our bones are living tissues that respond to mechanical stressors. Weight bearing exercises, like yoga, help tremendously in the remodeling process; it encourages more bone growth and increases the rate of healthy bone turnover.

When we hold up our own body weight, like in standing poses, balancing poses and plank, we help to maintain the balance between bones breaking down and rebuilding.

We take care of our spine with forward folds and twists. Many spinal fractures occur due to poor alignment. Our spine is impacted by sitting in many negative ways - we increase the hunch forward in our thoracic spine and develop tight, locked and short chest muscles and stressed, tensed, and over stretched upper back muscles. The bones get jammed and under used which in turn causes breakdown of the bones and less remodeling.

Add weights to your practice and be amazed by these enhanced health benefits:

  • Wellness, Balance & Coordination

  • Enhanced Breathing

  • Improved Circulation

  • Greater Body Awareness

  • Healthy Strong Bones

  • Toned Muscles

  • Stronger Core

If you are interested in building strong & healthy bones sign up for a Yoga Sculpt - yoga with weights class.

Some deep forward folds and twists are contraindicated if diagnosed with osteoporosis, so always chat with your teacher.

Gina Funke